Research Degrees, Colleges and Places - Case Study

Project Overview

We were tasked with assisting in the design of Universities.com. The client felt like they needed to maintain a classic style that was still visually beautiful. For this design scheme we knew we had to keep in mind that the majority of users would be young adults. With this is mind we wanted to create a design that had both style and a good sense of usability.


The client emphasized that they wanted a layout that was timeless and not too modernized. We preserved an old-school style and atmosphere in order to give a user the impression that the site had been around for a while.


For the font we went with Aleo Sans. The client mentioned that they wanted a less commonly used font that was still clean and stylish. Aleo Sans is easy to read and complemented the Universities logo very well.


The client emphasized that they wanted attractive clean icons. We decided to go with a flat and colorful style that promotes a friendly and youthful atmosphere. The wide array of colors added a perfect blend to the overall color scheme of the layout.

Color Scheme

The color scheme was heavily based off of the client's previous design. We decided it would be a good idea to stay with multiple vivid colors, as this website is more geared towards a younger audience. We wanted to preserve a sense of fun, youth and enjoyment, therefore sticking with bright colors would ensure maximum user engagement and interest.

Style Guide

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