World's First Cloud Based CRM Platform - Case Study

Project Overview

We were tasked with redesigning a platform focusing on customer relationship management. For this particular project, the client had us focus on designing the entire website. The project took approximately 4 and half weeks to polish off from start to finish because we were responsible for each and every individual aspect of the design. For this project we utilized the Sketch application at the request of the client. The client wanted something extremely clean, something that incorporated a healthy amount of white space, and something unique but still understandable to the average user.


We wanted the user to be able to smoothly scroll throughout a nicely balanced design. We focused on creating a visually appealing and consistent pattern of having an icon, text and a photo within each section. It is a simple layout that carefully balances white space to add aesthetic appeal and a good balance of elements within a section.


For the headers we chose to use Raleway font ranging from 72 pixels to 50 pixels in size. Raleway provides a modernized clean look that is easy to read and visually appealing to the eye. For the smaller font throughout the design we used Proxima Nova regular pixel size 18. Proxima Nova is widely used and popular across many modernized platforms. It provides a professional and modern feel to the entire application.


One of the few things that we did not make from scratch were the blue stroked icons from the LionKing Line Icon kit. These icon kit does an excellent job of creating having a modern and minimal look and feel. All the other icons were custom made by our designers. Due to the fact that the client did not supply us with their own dashboard shots, we were allowed creative freedom for the header of the application. The custom vectorized iMac icon at the top and center of the application was an element we thought would fit exceptionally well with the entire design and a good way to show the user what the actual application looks like.

Color Scheme

The client already had an idea of the color scheme they wanted to implement. They made it clear that they wanted to go with a clean blue look, as it is no secret that blue is perhaps the most widely used color in all of web design because blue promotes interaction. Most other colors tend to distract the consumer, whereas blue disappears as a transparent background. Each website that is designed with a blue color scheme does so in different spectrum, using different shades to suit their needs. Moreover, because the client wanted to incorporate significant white space, the blue color scheme was a brilliant complement.

Imagery usage

For the most prominent photos the client gave us a budget to select our own stock photos from Stocksy which provides some of the highest quality photos available. On the other hand, the images that were dimmed out or less significant were taken for free from Unsplash. These photos serve the purpose of adding texture and a call to action for a user. Overall the client really loved the way we used and place every photo throughout the design.

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